Piano Flash Cards

Here’s a collection of free Piano Flash Cards that you can download and use in your lessons. Make sure to bookmark this page as we add new Flash Cards frequently to make it easier for you to plan interesting piano lessons for you students.

Music Theory Flash Cards

Versatile theory cards to use as flashcards or in games.  Use one deck to play concentration, or print several and play Go Fish, Spoons or other great group games. 

Card sets are divided by progressive concepts; you may wish to combine several sets to make a more challenging deck.  Each game includes an instruction card with play ideas.  

Music-Dynamics-Flash-Cards-music-theory.pdf (1242 downloads) Piano-Bass-Clef-Flash-Cards.pdf (2034 downloads) Piano-Treble-Clef-Flash-Cards.pdf (1688 downloads) Scale-Step-Feet-Cards-Music-Theory.pdf (1034 downloads)

Gemstone Triad Cards for Piano

These cards require students to fill in the middle note of a triad on a pictured keyboard, given the root and 5th. You decide if the triad will be major or minor! Keys are sized to fit colored gemstone markers.

Download PDF

Gemstone Scale Cards for Piano

Similar to the triad cards, students fill in the middle notes of the scale, given a starting and ending note.  Scales can be major or minor. 

Download PDF

Hand Position Cards for Piano

Set of cards to drill quick positioning of hands at the start of a piece.  Cards range in difficulty to a single note and finger number to a 2-measure excerpt requiring positioning of both hands.This exercise is also called “Ready, Set, Start!”

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Clothesline Rhythm Cards for Piano

Make it fun practicing Rhythms on Piano with these Rhythm cards.

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Count by Measure Cards for Piano

Use these cards as an aid to explain the concept of time signatures and measures, and practice counting by measure.

Students lay out cards into measures, using popsicle sticks (or a similar prop) for barlines, then count the number of seats in each room (i.e. 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4).

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Giant Flash Cards for Piano

These giant Flash Cards for Piano helps your student learn both lefthand (Bass Clef) and Right Hand (Treble Clef) notes and fingerings.

Download Treble Clef – PDF Download Bass Clef – PDF

Scale Step Cards for Piano

Use these graphic cards to help students diagram scale patterns built of whole and half steps.  

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