Gemstone Triad Cards

One of those upcoming events is a festival that requires students to complete a written theory exam in addition to their performance.  I LOVE to have students participate in this event in the spring, because it really serves as a great motivator to make sure we’ve covered all of the theory we set out to tackle each year.  I’m teaching group classes this week, so planned activities for each group to review all of their year’s theory objectives during their classtime.

For most of my groups, I set up stations around the room.  I pulled games, flash cards, puzzles, etc. out of my closet and set them up so each could be used as a solo activity (it was a great chance to re-inventory the closet!). With all of the materials I already had on hand, I only ended up making one new set of activity cards for the month:

These cards give students the root and 5th of a triad.    They placed gemstone markers on the dots already shown on the card, then had to determine where to place the middle note.    I specified in the station directions that all triads should be major, but these cards could also be used to construct minor triads.

The cards are available for download on my website.  I pulled out some other materials to use this week that I haven’t ever posted up online – I’ll work on getting those uploaded within the next couple of days!